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Deliver a strong message to your customers with designs in motion. A complex process made simple by VSGFX, Inc.


Our motion graphics design team uses hands-on involvement for clients from start to finish. VSGFX is proud to offer a high level of transparency during the creative process. We know that communication is a key element in assuring the final product is the desired outcome. There are no shortcuts to success, with hard work and dedication, everything is possible.

Whether you’re a business startup looking for a quick logo reveal for your website or a corporate entity looking to develop visuals for LED displays at your next convention, we have the perfect package for you!

Motion Graphics Design Services

Key Motion Graphics Design Development Milestones

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 1. Initial Consultation

Based on your ideas, our writers craft a motion script which will serve as a blueprint for our concept and will eventually become a transcript for your final product. We’ll discuss all the elements in detail, from music to color, animation and styling.

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2. Concept Creation

Now that we have the motion script, we create a full design concept. From typography to color charts, background music to voice-over, we’ll put it neatly together and present it to you for approval.

Concept to Ffinal Content VSGFX

3. Concept Approval to Final Product

We’ll turn the concept into the polished product while we maintain close communication with you to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

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New software and plugins can help us achieve great results when it fits. The difference between the terms “real 3D” and “motion graphics” is based on how software like Autodesk Maya or Adobe After Effects works with information. Both have their place in the design process and can achieve superb results. Our designers use licensed, industry-standard applications and tools.

Your Idea + VSGFX = Your Product

Simple, isn’t it?

Many companies offer motion graphics production services and bore you with details about their audio department, owned voice-over talent, numerous meetings, phone conferences with designers, etc. These are important elements in a good design, but who wants to deal with details and sales pitches during the design process. The production phase should be a desirable experience, not a steep learning curve for clients.

We’ve perfected our design process. The key points are in understanding what you need, the look and feel you are going for during our consultations. Each step goes through an approval process to ensure we’re still right on track and outcome is looking optimal. This means you’ll see results more instead of surveys.

Besides custom quotes, we’re proud to offer Business Packages that encompass diverse services as a bundle, saving you money and time. Use the form below to inquire about custom packages and commercial pricing or CALL US +1 (512) 677-7661

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