Shattering Expectations

We produce original visuals, never a "preset", completely unique!

3D Animation That Dazzles

Take your brand to the next level with realistic 3D renders.


Connected Design

Looking to refresh your look? We can create design assets to match your existing layout and style!



Videography Services in Austin TX

Our Videography Services in Austin TX incorporate a wide variety of techniques and experiences. We can handle planning, execution, and post-production, VSGFX offers a one-stop-shop from start to finish. We can handle corporate events, concert coverage, nightlife promos, commercials, music videos, interviews, tutorials, and FAA-Licensed aerial drone video products.

3d animation motion graphics icon

Creating original animation is at the heart of the VSGFX brand. Whether you need photo-realistic architectural models, visual effects for digital video, logo reveals or anything in between, we offer a workflow to fit your needs.

Aerial Videography by VSGFX

We provide high-quality aerial photography and videography services in Austin, TX. This is perfect for music videos, real estate, and our wedding packages. VSGFX only uses commercial, FAA-Licensed drone pilots.


Highlighting: Modeling, Animation, Camera Tracking, Composition

Highlighting: Camera Op, Direction, Editing, Animation, Social Media Management

Greenleaf Flower Growers and Distributors Documentary
What we did: Camera, Editing, Script, Narration, Animation

FX LOGIK - Speed Garage of the 21st Century Mix
What we did: Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, Animation - Based on video-reference

DJ Sultan ft. Elephant Man - Hips Sing (Music Video)
What we did: Editing, Color Correction, Post Production FX, Song Cover Art

DJ Sultan Ft. Elephant Man - Hips Sing (Lyrics Animation)
What we did: 60fps Custom Lyrics Animation, Music-matched Motion

Event Promotion Flyers (Digital and Press)
What we did: Graphic Design

Mark D - Soccer Goalie Training Promo
What we did: Camera, Editing, Color Correction, Post Production FX

Highlighting: VLOG Recording and Editing

3D VSGFX Reveal
What we did: 60fps Custom Animation Revealing Text

David Houle Realty Group Logo

Custom Logo - David Houle Realty Group
What we did: Created Press Kit

edm nightlife logo

Custom Logo - EDM Nightlife Show
What we did: Created Press Kit

 VSGFX, Inc. – Helping YOU Make A Statement

We’re proud to bring personality and transparency into graphic design. As a video production company, we provide one-on-one personal service and always communicate with the same designer directly, no middle-man or “art department”. When a project involves multiple artists and teams, a Lead Austin Graphic Design professional communicates with your firm.

Design Assets for Company Branding, Corporate Events, Startups, Television Shows, Digital Commercials, Advertisement. Both for press and digital.

Our service packages

Why Austin, Texas? Our History

We love doing Videography Services in Austin TX. Austin is a truly unique city. Lively vibe, music scene and tech industry! It really is a perfect fit for us. Why? Because of our past.

Lead Designer and President of VSGFX, Inc. Robert V Gulyas founded EDM Nightlife in Las Vegas, NV. A small, inspired group of graphic artists, film majors and music fanatics grew into a journalistic entity and production house over four years. Our clients included a wide variety of venues and artists, including Artisan Hotel & Casino, The End Bar & Grill (As seen on TV) and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. We learned a lot in Las Vegas and wanted to divert from nightlife and expand to other markets. That’s where offering videography services in Austin TX makes most sense. A bit of everything. We love it here.

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