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Highlighting: Modeling, Animation, Camera Tracking, Composition

Highlighting: Camera Op, Direction, Editing, Animation, Social Media Management

Highlighting: Video Editing, Camera, Color Correction and CGI Animation

Greenleaf Flower Growers and Distributors Documentary

Greenleaf Flower Growers and Distributors Documentary
What we did: Camera, Editing, Script, Narration, Animation

FX LOGIK - Speed Garage of the 21st Century Mix
What we did: Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, Animation - Based on video-reference

DJ Sultan ft. Elephant Man - Hips Sing (Music Video)
What we did: Editing, Color Correction, Post Production FX, Song Cover Art

DJ Sultan Ft. Elephant Man - Hips Sing (Lyrics Animation)
What we did: 60fps Custom Lyrics Animation, Music-matched Motion

Flyers and Music Cover art by VSGFX

Event Promotion Flyers (Digital and Press)
What we did: Graphic Design

Mark D - Soccer Goalie Training Promo
What we did: Camera, Editing, Color Correction, Post Production FX

Highlighting: VLOG Recording and Editing

3D VSGFX Reveal
What we did: 60fps Custom Animation Revealing Text

David Houle Realty Group Logo

Custom Logo - David Houle Realty Group
What we did: Created Press Kit

edm nightlife logo

Custom Logo - EDM Nightlife Show
What we did: Created Press Kit

 VSGFX, Inc. – Helping YOU Make A Statement

We’re proud to bring personality and transparency into graphic design. One-on-one personal service, always communicate with the same designer directly, no middle-man or “art department”. When a project involves multiple artists and teams, a Lead Austin Graphic Design professional communicates with your firm.

Design Assets for: Company Branding, Corporate Events, Startups, Television Shows, Digital Commercials, Advertisement. Both for press and digital.

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Why Austin, Texas? Our History

Austin is a truly unique city. Lively vibe, music scene and tech industry! It really is a perfect fit for us. Why? Because of our past.

Lead Designer and President of VSGFX, Inc. Robert V Gulyas founded EDM Nightlife in Las Vegas, NV. A small, inspired group of graphic artists, film majors and music fanatics grew into a journalistic entity and production house over four years. Our clients included a wide variety of venues and artists, including Artisan Hotel & Casino, The End Bar & Grill (As seen on TV) and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. We learned a lot in Las Vegas and wanted to divert from nightlife and expand to other markets. That’s where Austin, TX makes most sense. A bit of everything. We love it here.

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